Burning Regulations

District Bylaws are established to provide rules and governance for the North Cedar Improvement District. Bylaws 492 and 493 are the two relevant bylaws pertaining to fire department operations and open air burning.

Bylaw 493 is the District’s’ Fire Department Establishment and Operations Bylaw and it spells out how the fire department is structured, what operational activities are allowed, how the administration is set up and also contains general rules on inspections, life safety and open air fires.

Bylaw 492 is the North Cedar Improvement District Fire Regulation Bylaw. This Bylaw contains all the rules related to open burning within the District.

Burning Permits

(No Longer Required as of April 2020)

Residents are no longer required to obtain a burning permit before lighting a category 2 open air fire (6ft x 6ft maximum). All open burning will be banned from May 15th through October 30th regardless of the fire danger rating. Campfires will still be permitted provided a campfire ban has not been issued.

Land clearing burn piles (Category 3) require authorization from the Ministry of Forests and for information on smoke control, burning requirements and the permit application process, residents can review:  Industrial and Resource Management Burning.

Air Quality – Venting Index

You may burn on days when the venting is 55 or better (Good).  Prior to burning obtain venting index information at:

  • Provincial toll-free line: 1-888-281-2992 (press 2 for Vancouver Island Region)
  • Online: Venting Index
  • NCID: 250-722-3711 (Mon-Thurs 8:30-4:00 except holidays